Lente Movil: The Other Side Of My Community

I had the privilege to work with Pepe Moscoso, host of Fusion Arte Radio—Broadcasted out of Portland, Oregon from the KBOO Studios—to Co-produce Lente Movil: The Other Side Of My Community.


Design by Pepe Moscoso

“Lente Movil is a mobile art project that interweaves image and storytelling, featuring stories from the Latino arts community(in Portland, Oregon). This installation project explores the creative life of each Latino person interviewed. This project celebrates the diversity of Latinos to honor our roots and delves into the conversation of creative inspiration.

The passion of each Latino interviewed is something we must be willing to share if we want to inspire others because expressive passion is contagious because of the curiosity it stirs in others.”-BlindInsect.com

Enjoy the presentation!




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