E32: Because I Don’t have Papers (w/ Armando Ibañez) July 27, 2017


Juan speaks with Armando Ibañez, an undocumented queer filmmaker who produces Undocumented Tales, a web series that is loosely based on Armando’s experience as a waiter in LA. Armando talks about what is like to be undocumented in the US while working as a server in the food industry and how his love for film helped him feel comfortable about his sexuality.

“Sometimes I ask my self, How have I last 16 years in the restaurant industry? and then I answer myself—because I don’t have fucking papers!”, says Armando.

We also dive into the violence street vendors often experience while working, including a recent incident that sparked controversy after a man flipped over Benjamin Ramirez’s cart.

Produced by Juan Ramirez. Music by AF the Naysayer and Blue Dot Sessions.


Undocumented Tales
Support Armando’s Project
The Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign


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