It’s our first reported episode of the season! Emily Hunsberger, who hosts the Spanish-language podcast Tertulia, brings us this great story about Kitchen Spanish, the unique pidgin spoken among Spanish-speaking and English-speaking staff in restaurant kitchens. While interviewing food workers in Grand Rapids, Mich., Emily discovered that the ability and willingness to communicate across language barriers have become especially critical today in the United States where the immigration debate under the Trump Administration is escalating. Also in this episode: we hear from host Soleil about her own experience speaking Kitchen Spanish and about that one time producer Juan Ramirez got in trouble in school for saying a bad word.

Note: Because this episode is about the unique kind of Spanish that’s spoken in restaurants, there are long stretches of Spanish dialogue throughout the piece. Emily paraphrases and interjects wherever she can, but we wanted to preserve those conversations as much as possible.

Produced by Stephanie Kuo and Juan Ramirez. Music by AF the Naysayer and Blue Dot Sessions.



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